Cory Spencer and Kirsten Thorarinson moved to Vancouver Island in 2010 with a dream of producing some of the best cheese around.  Growing little by little each year, that dream became a reality in 2014 when The Happy Goat Cheese Company made the first batch of cheese in their newly licensed production facility.  

The Happy Goat is home to over 100 curious, feisty, and jovial goats who spend most of their days grazing our lush, green pasture.  We are thankful for the amazing milk they produce for us - without it our cheeses wouldn't be the same!

Our farm is also home to our energetic dog Barney, lady cats Astrid, KitKat, and Lucy, and our entertaining son Milo.   

Our dairy is licensed and inspected by the BC Ministry of Agriculture.  Accordingly, we do not sell raw milk to the public under any circumstances.  Thank you for your understanding.